Great Dane with ‘Wobblers’ Syndrome

Wie bei uns Menschen ist auch der vierbeinige Freund sehr anfällig für Krankheiten. Neben seltenen Hundekrankheiten gibt es auch noch einige die sehr oft vorkommen. In dieser Videoserie möchte ich auf die typischen Krankheiten mit Videos eingehen. So ist eventuell eher erkennbar wie sich die Symptome zeigen. Nicht desto trotz sollte ein Tierarzt aufgesucht werden sobald man sich als Besitzer unsicher fühlt und der Hund sich quält. 

This video is of our 15 month old great dane puppy before he was diagnosed with wobblers.


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  • 928s4style sagt:

    Someone should put you to sleep so that Youtube will have ‘healthier’ posters.

  • TheUglyFatChick sagt:

    People put their down syndrome kids to sleep all the time. It’s called ABORTION. And if the dog has no quality of life, then it’s cruel and selfish to allow it to continue suffering. Would you let your child suffer?

  • lsuhillary sagt:

    How is your dog doing now? I work with a rescue and we have a Doberman that may have this so any advice appreciated!

  • lsuhillary sagt:

    Oops! Just saw your update after I wrote sorry! Still anyone with any advice welcomed!! Thanks!!

  • NJLILI sagt:

    Awwww. I was just told about this disease today. This video breaks my heart. I have a 5 year old, female Cane Corso with bad hips. I see her try to run and play and that kills me. what is your pup doing now.
    Thank you for posting. Very educational. God Bless you all.

  • MDane9 sagt:

    We’re starting to think my dane might have wobblers. She already you’re both acls in her back legs and had had surgery. Now she’s having issues, she lays in her kennel most of the day and it is very hard to get her up when she’s not in the mood. She has am off gate but not as bad as your guy. What did your vet say about wobblers? Can it just be controlled with meds?

  • benjamin thompson sagt:

    Oh yeah your right because there’s no kids out there with down syndrome with a good life! What was i thinking…. Good point… Dumbass! Sounds like they should have aborted you.. Just saying!

  • steven byrley sagt:

    Unfortunately I have a 9 month old Dane and the vet believes she has wobblers. No medication will heal it it is a $3,000-5,000 surgery that isn’t guaranteed to fix it.

  • HeMadeMeDoIt sagt:

    We just went through hell and back and there was very little hope about a month ago. The surgery is the best thing you can do for him don’t think twice about it if you have the funds.

  • Louise Goodsall sagt:

    I’d have a serious chat with you specialist vet regarding how suitable your dane is for surgery – we were prepared for pay for the surgery however Marni was deemed unsuitable because he had multiple affected areas and there was no guarantee that we wouldn’t just be putting him through hell for no reason. We did have some really good results with physio and pain medication though – maybe that would be an option for your dane? 9 months is still very young and still growing – it could help a lot.

  • Jorge Carter sagt:

    you have no compassion

  • amanda g sagt:

    Have any of you tried a wheel chair for your dogs with wobbler?

    (Look up great Danes with wobbler using wheelchair)

  • u2pridenyc sagt:

    look into acupuncture, chiropractic and get a assisi loop! works amazing!!!

  • brennag14 sagt:

    I am curious how your Great Dane is doing now? I understand this video is old but my Great Dane will be 3 in July and was diagnosed with wobblers at the beginning of 2014. She was put on steroids but they don’t seem to be helping, I don’t have the funds for surgery.

    • ScooobTube sagt:

      My dane was diagnosed in January of 2014 and he just turned 2. We put him on a weaning course of steroids, and did that about 2 or 3 times. It didn’t seem to help at first, but then got better. Make sure you keep tramadol around the house, for when she has bad/off days. Scooby still has them, just not to bad. Also, make sure there is nothing around the neck (no collar). You should replace it with a harness so no strain is on the neck. Make sure she has a good place to sleep, and help her out if you need to. I know that Scooby also slips andy occssionally slips and cuts his nail open. We just cover his paws with balloons (there is a product like this too) and it helps a lot. Also, you can superglue the nails to help (I’ve never done this but it is another solution) I hope your dane gets better! Please update me

  • cssurl sagt:

    Thank you … we need this info.

  • Riley Ciavarella sagt:

    This is why medical insurance for our fur-babies is a must now days. Veterinary medicine has progressed so much in the last 15 years and now is much like medicine that is practiced for humans with the associated cost per procedure. I have spent thousands on my beagle babies in the past and now I have both my border collie pup and beagle boy or 4 yrs fully insured for these type of issues. The time is here to insure your fur-babies just as other family members.

  • Lauren Meola sagt:

    That’s so sad. Is he in any discomfort?

  • Lauren Meola sagt:

    Why do people have to call each other names. Everyone has a right to their opinion. I agree with some. If the animal is in any discomfort we should put them down. We can’t be selfish and keep them alive for our own purpose. Good luck!

  • Tiff G sagt:

    They have medicine out for this right I don’t know anything about Wobbler’s Syndrome.

  • Saved as a favorite, I love your website!

  • Toller Artikel, ich habe da ähnliche Erfahrungen gemacht und werde die Seite auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen 🙂 Gruß

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